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Meet Tinka and Dan

On 25.02.2021, I survived an Ischaemic and Haemorrhagic strokes post having eye surgery.

As part of my recovery, we adopted Tinka, a Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel, on 25.04.2021. Tinka was also born on 25.02.2019

Clearly, Tinka was meant to be.

How did Tinka & Co come about?

Due to my stroke, I have been unable to return to my normal line of work (Disability Support) as I still suffer from a cognitive disability.

As part of my recovery, my OT encouraged me to complete tasks to rebuild my strength, work through my cognitive impairments as well as getting used to being legally blind. 

My husband posted my story about how we adopted Tinka on our Manly Vale Facebook page and asked for suggestions for food as she is quite a fussy eater. A stranger replied and donated her spare dehydrator to make our own natural dog treats during the height of COVID.

The treats were such a hit with Tinka and our neighbour's dogs; it was at that moment we created Tinka & Co on 25.09.2021. 

As COVID restrictions got tighter, my home rehab paused, so we decided to live with my parents for a while as I struggled to shower and walk up three flights of stairs to our apartment. 

My mum taught me to sew during our stay to help pass the time. My mum is known for her sewing and quilt making. 

We started by making snoods for Tinka (to keep her ears out of her food). Before long, my sewing skills improved, and mum taught me to make Bandanas followed by Bow Ties. 

We look forward to expanding our product selection and accessories later in the year.


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