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Bath Time | Snood

Bath Time | Snood

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Bath Time Snood 


Introducing the Bath Time Snood:

Our new Bath Time Snood acts like a Shower Cap and is designed to keep your dog's ears dry during bath time or rainy walks. It offers all the benefits of our traditional Snood with added waterproof protection.

Other reasons why your Dog Needs a Bath Time Snood

A Snood is an essential accessory for dogs with long ears, offering both practicality and style. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a Snood or our new Snood Shower Cap for your furry friend:

Keeps Ears Clean: When dogs with long ears eat or drink, their ears often dangle into their food or water, resulting in messes and potential chewing. A Snood gently holds their ears back, preventing them from getting dirty or wet.

Ideal for Show Dogs: If you show your dogs, a Snood is perfect for keeping their ears dry and clean before a show. This ensures they look their best and helps maintain their grooming.

Prevents Odors and Insects: Keeping your dog's ears out of their food reduces the risk of stale food odors and fly attraction, promoting better hygiene and comfort for your pet.


Water resistant Design: Keeps ears completely dry during baths or wet weather.

Comfortable Fit: Soft, flexible material ensures a snug yet comfortable fit.

How to Wear:

Simply slide it over your dog’s head like our regular Snood.  Bunch up both ends together and gently slide it over your dog's head. Ensure it is snug but not too tight, and never leave your dog unattended while wearing a Snood.

Size Guide:

Length: 21 cm

Elastic Opening (Un-expanded): 16 cm

Elastic Opening (Expanded): 26 cm

Size may vary slightly due to the elasticity.


Material: Polyurethane:

Waterproof Coating.


Washing Instructions:

Both the Snoods and Bath time Snoods are designed for easy care. 

Machine Wash or Hand Wash: Use cold water.

Drying: Do not tumble dry. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Ironing: Do not iron.

By choosing a Snood or our new Bath Time Snood  for your dog, you are investing in their hygiene, comfort, and overall well-being. These products are practical and stylish solutions to keep those long ears clean, dry, and looking great.

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